PiZazz moved to PiZazz Couture

PiZazz Moved to New Location

As most of our customers know already, we moved to our own region named PiZazz Couture. We are very grateful to KC Couture for the time we spent with them and although we still very much love KC and their gorgeous shoes and accessories, we felt it was time for us to move on from the sim, to our own parcel to sustain us as we grow.

PiZazz has so many plans for our near future and beyond. We just finished up our very first “Wear it with PiZazz” photo contest, headed up by our beautiful Athena. The contest had an absolutely wonderful turnout. We are so pleased with the amount of group members that took part in it. On February 2nd we celebrated our first event on the sim, with a phenomenal turn out of support, and an enormous amount of fun.

Our 1st place winner was LynaRay Resident who received L$10,000 Lindens and the Gold Trophy

Our 2nd place winner was Suzy Mynx who received L$5,000 Lindens and took home the Silver Trophy.

Our 3rd place winner was Lexotan6mg Merlin who received L$2,500 Lindens and took home the Bronze Trophy.

We would like to give a warm congratulations to all who won, and we look forward to many more similar events.

Now to show you just a few spots around the sim….


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