Are you ready for the Summer?

Well we all know after the holidays you have to start dieting again. Cause you want to fit into your lovely bikini. Hit the gym and start sweating and working out. PiZazz Couture has just the perfect outfit for you for that!


With Deidra Sporty outfit, you will get in shape in a fashionable way!

Once in shape why not walk over the boulevard or search the beaches in a sexy lace. Not only one but two outfits are perfect for that! Flora Lace suit and let’s not forget Shantelle Lace Romper, they will make sure heads will be turned when you walk by.


Had enough of the exercise and walking around? Let’s cool off at the beach shall we? Dive into the water with this sexy bikini. It comes with a lot of beautiful textures to choose from and if you just have to get an ice cream or a drink from the bar, you can throw a netting cover over it. A little bit more coverage but still showing off the Darla bikini.


After a lovely day like that it’s time to party! The L$ 50 Friday dress Lily is Really nice for that. Hold together by chains. Hit the club is what I would say!


And ofcourse not only the girls get goodies. Two new items were released as well for you men! 35375245401_f51d688931_o

Hank T-shirt with 30 textures and nicely tucked in. Show off your trained body with this shirt. Why cover it up with a loose shirt?


And for the L$50 Linden Friday there are these awesome shorts! Ready for the sun! with the Live Free Shorts. The comfort of jeans but then when the sun shines! Come check it out. Link for the mainstore and marketplace down below.

That’s it from me for this week, I hope to see you all again next week with the newest releases! Also don’t forget to check out the sales every week.




Inworld Store





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