Happy Canada day/ 4th of July!

Yes it has been an eventfull week at PiZazz Couture. Many new releases and ofcourse not forgotten the Holidays.

But before going to dive into the holidays. A very sexy latex dress has been released. It’s not the kind that glues all the way to your body. Let’s have a look!


A very sexy dress, awesome for a latex party, or any party for that matter. It’s called: Insane Latex Dress. The sexy Jasmine is wearing the Simone Harness outfit with boots. As you can see just not for a party ;). The harness outfit is not a new release but not less awesome!

But that is not all out came Allotta Lace bodysuit. Which I think is an awesome mixture of the last weeks Flora Lace suit and the Shantelle Lace Romper. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself.


With the lovely ruffled sleeves in a nice bodysuit. It comes with a hud with endless color possibilities. It just screams sexy!

So you are probably wondering why I named this post happy 4th of july? Well we arrived at the new releases for that party to come. Probably many clubs will celebrate 4th of July with a contest. If you wish to stand out in that or just like to dress up for it with your family PiZazz Couture came out with a lovely retro dress.


Her name is Betsy Patriotic outfit and comes with the lovely matching shoes.

But there is more to celebrate 4th of July this year. Pizazzunwrap

Myself I am wearing the Unwrap me costume and it comes with the flag headband and the boots! A very sexy way to have a party. Just make sure nobody pulls on the bow. That’s maybe more for the after party.  Jasmine who can not get enough of butteflies is looking sexy in the Becoming outfit. It has more meaning behind it with the butterflies that come out of the cocoon. You can read about those thoughts in the link I put down. Even without that background it’s an amazing look!

What is a PiZazz Couture week without the 50 Linden Friday? This weeks is all about the 4th of July and Canada Day. Yes Canada you have not been forgotten!


Happy Canada Day top and the Happy 4th top  are this weeks 50 L$ Friday releases.

I hope everyone will have a great week and I will see you next week again. Don’t forget to stop by and grab some of these sexy releases!

PiZazz Couture Mainstore


PiZazz Couture Flickr.





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