Older sexy outfits!

Hello everybody!

Yes sometimes it’s just that time to show off some older releases. This week is one of them. So we are going to review some of those. Let’s get the party started!


Oh my! Giggles. Yes some nice lingerie for those surprising nights. Jasmine is wearing Aleisha Lingerie. It is an applier and comes with a color hud. Very lovely to surprise your loved one with it. Then I myself am wearing Olivia Plunge Front Mini. A lovely mini dress that has 43 different textures!


Let’s zoom in some.


There we go. Jasmine again in a very sexy applier lingerie. Anabella Lingerie appliers. Well with that I don’t think she will have a hard time to find herself a sugardaddy/mommy. She’s taken though! If you were thinking about it. My safeword is harder!! in this combination of Nettie leather Halter and the Marika Leather skirt. Lot’s of several skirts and tops you can mix and match from PiZazz Couture. Giving you just that look what you are looking for.

I myself like to go gothic at times. Looking in the store you don’t find it at first sight but because there are a lot of textures offered and colors you can turn a lovely gown into a gothic look! Let me show you an example!


This is the Adora Formal gown. With 15 color options and the lacey look you can put on the sides or the middle or none at all! I can go all fancy to a wedding or a ball, or in this case play with my crows!

Thank you for reviewing some older releases with me. I hope you enjoyed. Make sure to check out the store! PiZazz Couture is also available on Marketplace.



PiZazz Couture inworld Store





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