Yes vacation time has started. And it’s showing at these weeks releases from PiZazz Couture. This post is a little bit early cause it’s vacation time for myself as well. Anyway Brajeet is not stopping to make awesome new releases so let’s have a look.

Vacation what comes in mind? Well one thing which is obvious is the beach. A lovely new bikini has come out.

bikini1Teuila Bikini a gorgeous bikini with again ofcourse a lot of texture options! Solid colors optional as well. We just liked the tropical choices 😉 Nice for swimming or to get that tan you want. After a hot day at the beach it’s time to shower and slip into something easy comfortable but still stylish.


Marcela outfit for those lovely summerdays and evenings to just go out and find a place to eat. Stroll over the boulevard or around the hotel! Just very sexy. Very nice options for colors and if you look at Jasmine you can see the back is all free. Maybe for that lovely back tattoo?

After dinner we ofcourse go out! Dress up time. Get into that lovely gown and show how sexy and beautiful you are. This Anastacia gown is that and a lot more!


Sexy lace at the front and the back is to die for.. Sexy chain and a gemstone teardrop hanging at your back. So you don’t want your hair to cover that up. All eyes at the party will be at you. By the way this dress can be easily used for a wedding, bridesmaid gown. Just an idea for people that have wedding bells sounding.

On vacation you don’t just hang out at the beach and party. Time for sightseeing as well. Mind you though you need to be a member of the group to be able to get this awesome 50L Friday item. So make sure to join group while you are at the store.


A bodysuit called   light my fire bodysuit beautiful texture on it. Lovely to go ride your bike and enjoy the view on top. Or just look sexy as hell!!

Ofcourse not all days are spent at the beach or at lovely sights. Sometimes you just go shopping at the market or something like that. Well for those days. You get in your favorite shorts and tank top.


Island Love Summer outfit is perfect for this. Just enjoying a normal hot summer day. Relax have fun. The tank tops are amazing lot’s of different textures to choose from and the edges you can color differently. Shorts also many different colors. So don’t hesitate go to PiZazz couture before it’s too late!

Enjoy your summer till next week!



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