Oops I did it (again)

Hello everyone to a new weeks review of what has come out!

Yes last week was a release of the very first Maternity dress here at PiZazz Couture!

36349108596_88f590a5ce_oOOOps Maternity Dress really cute dress with several text options, ofcourse we blame PiZazz ;). Lovely color options and ofcourse it grows with your belly. We just found out so Jas doesn’t have the belly yet! I’m wearing the Sorina Tied T-shirt the skirt you’ll recognise from last week.  This shirt has a lot of texture options as well as plain colors. I love it! And after all the working out I can show my flat stomach.. Can’t say that for Jas for too much longer!

36349107876_7f76ca8205_oLa’Ei wrap dress is a very awesome dress to wear at any occasion many options to choose from ofcourse and my lovely Jas is wearing a FL Friday dress called Vasilisa. Butterflies always makes her heart beat faster. Make sure you are in the group to be able to get the Fifty Linden releases!


Well you wonder why we blame PiZazz Couture for getting Jas pregnant? Well this is the reason, Rayna lace outfit she coudn’t resist a very nice night after seeing me in this waiting for her to come home. Giggles. What can I say?

Dancing girl_001

Ruxandra Dress another lovely dress for any occasion and can wear it in different styles. Texture options are again over the top. Change it and you’re ready for whatever comes your way! Myself I am in another fiftly Linden release called Dancing girl! We are ready for a party!! What about You??


This Linda Halter top is the last of the week releases also a Lovely  Fifty Linden release. If you wonder which skirt I’m wearing with it it’s the Jackie Mini Skirt. We’ve been spoiled again this week with a lot of amazing releases!

Thank you designers for doing an awesome job every week!


Inworld store 





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