Closed the Mainstore Location

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Although it was not an easy decision, I have decided to close the Main Location. Due to my first life time restraints and obligations, I simply do not have the same amount of time I can devote to Second Life. I do love creating and wish to continue as my time permits, so I will still be releasing items here and there, just not at the same tiring pace as before.

Going forward with Marketplace as usual, which has always been since day one, over 75% of my business, it seems the obvious avenue for my continued business. Please remember if you have an issue be sure to leave me a notecard because my IM’s get capped very quickly. Happy Holidays to you all!


Fall, Dress Up and more!

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It’s still fall and you can tell by some of the new creations at PiZazz Couture! Really awesome and a LOT of releases this last week!


Let’s start with the fall experience. Jasmine and I love the fall. Beautiful colors outside. Jus a nice walk in the woods. Play with the leaves. Even though it’s getting colder we still can show some skin! What are we wearing? Well Jasmine has on the lovely Alejandra Low Cut Slip Dress with some beautiful textures and color hud! Isn’t she rocking it? Minette is wearing the Heather combination: Heather Short Sweater and the Heather Mini Skirt. Keeping you warm on the chillier days. Very beautiful fabrics.

But like I said dress up! Halloween is coming soon. You don’t only have to look scary in this holiday, but you can just dress up as your favorite superhero!


You can either be Batgirl, Girl Wonder (female Robin), Wonder Woman or Spiderwoman. You can get them seperately or in the Superhero Series Costume pack. Who doesn’t want to be a woman with superpowers?!


We love to dance. We do need some practise *giggles*. Either it be sword dancing or just some modern dance. Minette is wearing the Debbie Dress. It has options for chainmail, lace and silks and a color HUD. Jasmine is moving her body with the Linda Pop-art shirt. Some fun pop art textures to pick from!


Hmmmm at night we can look very seducing with the following lingerie appliers: Flo Latex lingerie and the Violeta lace lingerie . Aren’t we sexy? Hmmm but that’s not all!


Oh no we can’t forget the Zoe Lace Lingerie! All come in a fatpack. So choose your favorite color of just the color of the day!

And let’s not forget the 50L items of this week. I put them down below. Make sure to wear your group tag!


Hope to see you all next week. The designers are working very hard to give you all these releases every week!



Main Store


Have an awesome week and see you all then!





Fall, Murder and more

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It’s that time of year again. Days become shorter, getting colder and darker. Creepy things come out from their hiding places. Not so much different at PiZazz. Come take a look at the store it’s been decorated all in theme. But be careful you are being watched at the landing. So other then scaring our costumers what else has the team been up to. I can tell you not much good!


Like I told you murder.. She just couldn’t behave!!! But he had it coming. It’s a nice complete outfit, comes with the boots, dress, blood tattoo and a pose and it’s called Jilted Girl.

Western Pic One_002

We also like to have a good time with the team. Especially when we get to show off some awesome clothing. This skirt is a new release comes with pretty textures and there are two versions of it!! And just look at all the lovely tops. All of them are previous releases, you can mix and match so much of them with this or any other item! Back to the skirt it’s the: Dallas Western Skirt and like I said there is a second version of it as well: Dallas Western Skirt #2.


During the night the witches come out and play. Be warned! While flying on the broomstick they like to dress up in: Brianna Mini Dress and Sidney Halloween Dress. There is no reason for the witches to not look sexy while flying elegant through the night sky!


While it’s getting colder you can keep yourself warm and sexy with the Emmy Fall Sweater Dress, all different knitting textures to choose from. If the cold is not bothering you too much look like a Goddess and turn heads with Adonia Greek Goddess Dress. Even when pregnant Jas looks breathtaking!

The members 50 L items are really great and worth to come to the store for. Let me show you!



See you all next week!

Marketplace      Don’t forget to look for newest in here so you will see all these new releases first in Marketplace!

Flickr     Show your amazing pictures and share them with us when you wear PiZazz!

Main Store





The Walking Dead at PiZazz!

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It’s getting closer to Halloween and it’s showing at PiZazz. The other night we went shopping since PiZazz Couture is open 24/7. Right outside of the store we heard weird noises. So curious as we are we went to look. I know, I know if you like horror movies you know not to do that, but somehow you just want to know.


(In this picture we are wearing the Moroccan girl skirt (2nd edition) for me combined with the Moroccan Girl Halter Top. Jasmine is wearing the 50L Kenya Chain Halter Top.)

After coming outside we heard a cry for help. This couldn’t be! An offering at the Cemetary!!


(Mistress Kay is cutting up Jasmine in the Morticia Spooky Tank Top and the Wednesday Leggings. Jasmine crying for help in the Tammy Fun Halloween Skirt and the Seductress boots. Minette wearing the 50L Charlottes Web dress.)

After that just all hell broke loose. Zombies walking everywhere. No idea where to hide so soon we became zombies ourselves.


( Kay was wearing the Piper sporty outfit before her turning. Minette was probably naughty in the Destiny Latex Outfit. Jasmine was shopping and tried on the Leedia Skirt outfit.)

So beware by entering the Main Store. Make sure you are careful out there and check out all the lovely sales as well!

We have a couple more releases that I will show below:


Just an amazing week again at PiZazz Couture!

See you all next week


Flickr group

Main StoreMain Store




Shop till you drop (Or till owner drops)

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New week and again new releases! Excited!!


We went shopping cart racing and we accidentally run Brajeet under it.. Oopsss sowwy!!! But look she is showing us a sneak peek of next week’s release.. Jasmine is running with her pregnant belly in: Reese Knit Hoodie it comes with funny textures to put onto it. Her relaxing pants are the: Serenity leisure pants.  Myself I’m wearing this weeks Moroccan Girl Skirt combined with the Yasmina Crop Top (Morocco). Very pretty again 🙂

Brajeet kill_004

The racing became a bit too much and Jas just collapsed. I had to give her some mouth to mouth. *Giggles* Very sexy in her Valentina laced up dress.  We are at the entrance of the new store here. I’m rocking the pink with the Delia Denim Skirt and the Angelica Leather Jacket. Giggles and it’s showing in the background as well.  The jacket is a 50L release.

Brajeet kill2

A close up for the dress.

And then two more fantastic 50L releases. Be sure to have your grouptag on!


See you all next week with a lot of new releases.



Main Store (New landmark)




Some old, some new and a sale!

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Yes you read it right some old and a Sale be sure to check it out! But first the new and old releases!


Matrisse Underbust Corset is one of this weeks new release. Very sexy and if you want it is easy to combine with many older releases. I’m wearing another new release with it: Madelyn Lace Panties. Very cute and the bra is from an older release, it is the Delice Lingerie set (appliers). With that, the new lovely Seductress boots. You think that would be enough for one picture but no we keep going. Jas is wearing the new Sienna Lingerie outfit and as you are used to many options for colors. Make it any shade you want!


A girl can’t have enough Lingerie! So another sexy lingerie coming your way! Alayna is her name. When someone awaits you in this you simply can’t resist!


The question here is,  is she pushing me or trying to help me not fall? Nah, she is helping me! Seductress boots are this time with me combined with the Girl Next Door Jacket and the Girl Next Door Skirt. We are both wearing a different texture with it. Under that Jas is wearing the Romelia angel outfit top. Myself I’m wearing the Freya Latex Combo Applier.

Now I know you are all wondering about the sale!..

There are two and for members only, even more reason to join our group!




Hmmm yes you read it right!

That’s it for me for this week hope to see you all next week. Oh and remember to grab the new lm. But don’t worry if you don’t have it yet. When you land at the old landing Brajeet will welcome you and hand you a new lm! It’s an awesome new store worth to come shop!

PiZazz Flickr Group

New main store!





Over the Moon and back

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Another week has passed and a lot of awesome releases are out once again at PiZazz Couture. Nice members only 50L items and well I can tell  you but will show you as well!


Some of the group members only 50L items are these: Marcella Ruffle Dress.Lovely sexy black flower dress. Jasmine is all over the moon about the Sunset Gypsy Dancer. Two very nice dresses for only 50L each!


The Kimmie Mini Kimono dress is another 50L item. I thought she was looking so sexy so I had to take a shot of her and post it. I’m wearing the Stella Dress. Lovely lace, lot’s of textures you can pick from and color the parts separately or the same. Gives a completely different look!


Sometimes we also like to dress casually and have a nice picnic. Bacon is joining us such a sweet piggie. I’m wearing the Nora 2pc outfit and Jas is relaxing in Sadie 2 pc outfit.The Nora has different text or plain color as well. So just texture it to your mood!


Felicia Lace Lingerie. What can I say but: “Rawwwrrr” three different options for the breast part. No lace or the two shown up here in the picture. Color your heart out, you can make it any color you love.

graffitiZoe Chain Dress is a dress where I start to feel naughty in. So what do we do we go paint the walls a bit. Jasmine is naughty in her new Harper Mini skirt combined with the Bikini girl Halter top.

Like I told you amazing releases. Well done Team!

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InWorld Store

See you all next week


Jasmine and Minette