Feedback Incentive Program

I was trying to think of ways that would honestly help boost feedback on my Marketplace, however I do understand it does take valuable time to do that, and why would someone leave feeback, if there was nothing in it for them, so I decided to create an incentive program, in order that in benefits us both.

feedback image

For every 5 items purchased that you leave feedback, I will give you a L$200 giftcard that can be used In-World at either of my PiZazz Couture two locations. Please read below for Terms and Conditions.

*Terms and Conditions

  1. Feedback Must Always Be Truthful
  2. Feedback Must Be Fair – *Examples (1) Not posting something wasn’t included, when it was never listed for the product, to begin with. So please read product descriptions carefully. (2) Purchasing a mesh item, remarking that it doesn’t fit, when you should have purchased a free demo to begin with. (All of my mesh items have free demo’s to help ensure proper fit before purchase.)
  3. Feedback Must Be For That Product Only – Do not purchase an item and leave feedback for that item, in a different product review.
  4. Demo products and 10L specials not included in this program.
  5. No changing or removing feedback after gift card is received. (This will result in your removal from any further participation)
  6. In order to receive your L$200 gift card you must send Brajeet Resident a notecard named “Feedback Incentive Program – (Your Name)” and the contents of the notecard must include the name of the 5 products you purchased and left feedback for with a link to those items on it.
  7. These above conditions can be changed at any time and this program can be discontinued at any time.
Leaving Feedback Never Looked so Good!