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Diving into the new store

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New store? Yes PiZazz Couture has replaced the main store for a new building. Making it more easy. Yes I know first time coming into a rebuilded store whether it is rl or sl you are lost to find anything. But yes there is hope.. All the clothing is categorized. Easy to find back but how? I will show you how and where to find the clothing you want in this post today.


Ok so here is a footprint of the new store. All the compartments have a letter and a nr. Which you will find back on the walls of the store. Great you think but now what? Well let’s have a look!


There we go hints on the wall! You can find these at the workstations of the friendly CSR people from PiZazz. So at A B C and D. Also if you click above the Departments it will open up a worksheet online for you. So if you know the name of the outfit you can find the exact location online. It looks like this:


You will find every outfit or piece of clothing here in alphabetical order.. So you can either scroll down and find in which department it is in… Or you search the sheet by name.. Just click edit.


Then Find and replace


That opens up this pop up.. In this example I try to find Nadine.. Click find.


And there it is.. Nadine Dress which you will find in A 2.  But if you don’t want to go through all this trouble. We have ofcourse our lovely staff with the helpfull CSR’s who are always willing to help. They can help you find what you look for as well.


Each of them have their own place where you can find them.. Like said earlier in A B C or D. But they can hear you for any questions everywhere in the store. Also the MM board is now gone but instead of that there are 10. Yes it’s not a typo 10 raffle boards in it’s place. Which means you have every week 10 chances to win a 250 Linden giftcard. Each CSR has their own raffleboard so when you come visit the store to see the newest outfits, don’t forget to slap those boards!

So what am I wearing in these pictures? I have on the new Shantelle Lace Romper

Jasmine is wearing the lovely Flora Lace suit.

So don’t hesitate to come over and visit the store and ask for help if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Looking forward to see you all again next week!




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One of the nicest thing to do in SL I think is shopping! So when you know there are awesome new things out, or maybe on sale. You go and shop make your avatar beautiful. Isn’t it nice to be able to wear anything and look good ;)? So Jasmine and myself went shopping together. Here is our adventure at PiZazz Couture, mind you recently the shop has had a make-over be sure to check it out!

Make sure to come visit PiZazz Couture.

Wearing in these pictures Maggy Summer outfit. Trying out in the dressing rooms are the demo’s Minx Latex dress with laced up boots. When it was my turn to try out the demo. Which is recommended to do! I tried to fit my body into the lovely USA Swimsuit.


PiZazz moved to PiZazz Couture

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PiZazz Moved to New Location

As most of our customers know already, we moved to our own region named PiZazz Couture. We are very grateful to KC Couture for the time we spent with them and although we still very much love KC and their gorgeous shoes and accessories, we felt it was time for us to move on from the sim, to our own parcel to sustain us as we grow.

PiZazz has so many plans for our near future and beyond. We just finished up our very first “Wear it with PiZazz” photo contest, headed up by our beautiful Athena. The contest had an absolutely wonderful turnout. We are so pleased with the amount of group members that took part in it. On February 2nd we celebrated our first event on the sim, with a phenomenal turn out of support, and an enormous amount of fun.

Our 1st place winner was LynaRay Resident who received L$10,000 Lindens and the Gold Trophy

Our 2nd place winner was Suzy Mynx who received L$5,000 Lindens and took home the Silver Trophy.

Our 3rd place winner was Lexotan6mg Merlin who received L$2,500 Lindens and took home the Bronze Trophy.

We would like to give a warm congratulations to all who won, and we look forward to many more similar events.

Now to show you just a few spots around the sim….

12 Days of Christmas!

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Calling all REINDEER’S…..

It’s the 12 Days of Christmas Event at PiZazz ! Starting on December 14 … We are counting down the days with an outfit picked just for you ,these items will be featured at a holiday price at 50% off. HO HO HO
Each day until Dec 25, we will be offering you something different … plus Brand New Releases offered every other day. Its our way of saying thank you for a Wonderful year. Christmas day we will have a PiZazz Exclusive outfit released only on the 25th that will be available for 24 hours, and then put back in our 12 Days of Christmas Vault, until Next Year….. Here’s to celebrating the JOYS of Christmas cheer …. In store only. We hope to see you there..12-days-of-christmas-sale-sign

November’s releases…

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          Due to other business obligations we have decided to change the weekly blog posts to a monthly blog post, but if you would like a daily feed on our product releases you can always visit the company Flickr. To give you just a quick recap of our November product releases see below…

Selma Rolled Cuff Jeans, includes 30 textures + HUD.
Adora Formal Gown, includes 45 textures + HUD.
Andrea T-Shirt Dress, includes 30 textures + HUD.
August Fitmesh Mini Dress, includes 45 textures + HUD.
Bryce Hooded Tank, includes 40 textures + HUD.
Gina Laced Shorts, includes 30/10 textures + HUD.
Grace Dress, includes 20 textures + HUD.
Hilton Faux Fur Coat (Pure Elegance Edition) + Texture HUD.
Lucille Fitmesh Dress, includes 42 textures + HUD.
Paris Crop Sweater, includes 45 textures + HUD.
Peggy Sue Thigh High Socks, includes 24 textures + HUD.
Santa’s Helper Dress + Texture HUD.
Shannon Dress with 33 Top & 30 Dress Textures + HUD.
Sugar Mini Skirt Outfit + Texture HUD.
Suzie Q Striped White Socks, includes 24 textures + HUD.
Vera Barely There Outfit, includes Texture HUDs.

This week’s releases…

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Here are our newest pieces at PiZazz Couture.


Domina is our FDE Exclusive. She is sexy, strong, and confident. She demands your attention and she will get it! The only question is will it be the easy or hard way…evil grin. This round will begin on November 1st – November 21st and is located here.

Amanda Sweater + HUD, includes 45 textures.
Ambrosia Skirt + HUD, includes 2 pieces.
Cameron Tank Dress + HUD, includes 62 textures.
Kendall Fall Mini Skirt + HUD, includes 40 textures.
London 2 Piece Crop Sweater & Mini Skirt.

Our newest additions…

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Just a quick run through of all of our newest items…

Valkyrie is our Premium Only Event {Supernatural 2016} Exclusive item. It comes with Breastplate and Corset, Cloak, Suede Skirt, Headpiece, 4pc, Armor set, and shield & sword.
Selene Mini Dress + HUD, includes 40 textures.
Pricilla Fitmesh Panties + HUD, includes 45 textures.
Olympia Ancient Greek Themed Gown + HUD, includes 25 textures.
Mona Big Tank Top Set + HUD, includes 3 pieces, Tank Top with 30 Textures, Bra with 20 Textures, and Panties with 20 Textures all on separate HUDS.
Lana Plunge Back Mini + HUD.
Constance Fitmesh Skirt + HUD, includes 40 textures.
Charlee Blouse + HUD, Pink Lovers edition includes 10 textures, Patterns 1 Edition includes 15 textures, Pattern 2 Edition includes 15 textures, Solids Edition includes 15 textures, or the alternative Fatpack includes a generous 50 texture HUD.
Cara Fall Poncho + HUD, includes 40 textures.
Callidora Mini Dress + HUD, includes 45 textures.
Belladonna Fitmesh Latex Skirt + HUD, includes 25 textures.
Astrid Lingerie Applier Fatpack, includes 10 colors.
Angel Black and White Duality Costume.