Refer A Friend Program

At PiZazz our #1 Priority is YOU, our valued customer.  We strive to bring to you the very best products, customer support, and member benefits at a fair & affordable price. The Refer A Friend Program is another way of rewarding you for your continued support and loyalty and for spreading the word about us.

At PiZazz, we do not participate in large events, like most stores do. Most events require an exclusive item, that I’m not allowed to sell in my shop until the event has ended. Okay except for one problem. These events are over crowded, slow rezzing, and extremely difficult to get into, if at all.  Not too mention the time it would take me to make for the constant event invites I get, would take away from the numerous weekly releases we bring to you.

I’m not going to reward my valuable and loyal customers by making them feel like they are less important than gaining new customers. So our growth is slow and steady, and hopefully continues in this fashion. This is where you our loyal customers can help us grow and truly be rewarded for introducing us to your valued family and friends. Please read our rules & regulations for this program below.

*You must be a Group Member with at least L$1000 in purchases from PiZazz Couture to qualify. (Purchases made with Gift Cards do not count)

**The Referred Friend must be at least 100 days old to participate, and never to have purchased from PiZazz previously.

Step 1.

Refer a friend They must become a member, They must make a purchase of at least L$250, (purchases with Gift Card do not count)

Step 2.

Send Brajeet Resident a notecard Named (Refer a Friend – Your Name) include your name and the new customer you just referred name and your transaction history,

If you have met all requirements

You will receive a gift card or an item of same value as the referred friends first purchase (your choice).

The New Referred Member will then receive a L$250 Gift Card to help go towards their 2nd and or any future purchases.

There is no limit to how many friends you may refer as long as all requirements are met.

We reserve the right to discontinue this program at any time, with no advance notice.