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Oops I did it (again)

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Hello everyone to a new weeks review of what has come out!

Yes last week was a release of the very first Maternity dress here at PiZazz Couture!

36349108596_88f590a5ce_oOOOps Maternity Dress really cute dress with several text options, ofcourse we blame PiZazz ;). Lovely color options and ofcourse it grows with your belly. We just found out so Jas doesn’t have the belly yet! I’m wearing the Sorina Tied T-shirt the skirt you’ll recognise from last week.  This shirt has a lot of texture options as well as plain colors. I love it! And after all the working out I can show my flat stomach.. Can’t say that for Jas for too much longer!

36349107876_7f76ca8205_oLa’Ei wrap dress is a very awesome dress to wear at any occasion many options to choose from ofcourse and my lovely Jas is wearing a FL Friday dress called Vasilisa. Butterflies always makes her heart beat faster. Make sure you are in the group to be able to get the Fifty Linden releases!


Well you wonder why we blame PiZazz Couture for getting Jas pregnant? Well this is the reason, Rayna lace outfit she coudn’t resist a very nice night after seeing me in this waiting for her to come home. Giggles. What can I say?

Dancing girl_001

Ruxandra Dress another lovely dress for any occasion and can wear it in different styles. Texture options are again over the top. Change it and you’re ready for whatever comes your way! Myself I am in another fiftly Linden release called Dancing girl! We are ready for a party!! What about You??


This Linda Halter top is the last of the week releases also a Lovely  Fifty Linden release. If you wonder which skirt I’m wearing with it it’s the Jackie Mini Skirt. We’ve been spoiled again this week with a lot of amazing releases!

Thank you designers for doing an awesome job every week!


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A Lot of new clothes!

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Yes Brajeet and her team have been working hard last week!

Let’s just get started shall we?

MirelablogMirela Tropical Dress ,  Cecilia Halter top and Party Girl skirt All shown in this pic. Ofcourse like almost everything awesome texture options, colors. Sexy flirty and very cute!

skirtstopsPorsha sweater blouse Lovely textures and ton of options.. Flower Pow Her skirt and Anuhea skirt are both 50L Friday items, but there are more 50L Friday items.. What?? Yes more!!!


Spicy Top (I wonder how it got that name 😉 ) and the Anica Gypsy Halter top also for 50L


Rebel Metal bodysuit a very sexy special edition. You can change the sheer, the fabric and the metal on it with the hud. Hmmmm come play in the underground with us?

See you all next week!!


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Back from vacation

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Hello everybody,

Like the title said I’m now back from my vacation. So this is why I’m a bit late with this weeks post. Glad to be back and wow coming back now I see how many new things has been released last week. Amazing so it was like unpacking xmass gifts! So let’s see what we have, shall we?


Simplicity low back Gown is simply amazing. A beautiful no nonsense silk gown. See that beautiful jewel hanging on the back? All are changeable with the texture hud. Simple beautiful breathtaking!


Elsa 2pc Summer outfit and Shayna Summer skirt outfit are two must haves for your summer wardrobe. Lovely sexy every day wear. Lot’s of option with the huds.


Party girl Cami top and the Kalea tropical dress for the 50L Friday item, for members only, are also must haves! Just amazing releases this week as always!



Eliza Summer party Dress well the name says it all.. like flirty feminine dress which has you ready for whatever party or day comes your way!

Well ladies and gents this is it for this week, a quick running in the door after my vacation blog post. But I will be back on track next week with the latest from our own PiZazz Couture!

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Yes vacation time has started. And it’s showing at these weeks releases from PiZazz Couture. This post is a little bit early cause it’s vacation time for myself as well. Anyway Brajeet is not stopping to make awesome new releases so let’s have a look.

Vacation what comes in mind? Well one thing which is obvious is the beach. A lovely new bikini has come out.

bikini1Teuila Bikini a gorgeous bikini with again ofcourse a lot of texture options! Solid colors optional as well. We just liked the tropical choices 😉 Nice for swimming or to get that tan you want. After a hot day at the beach it’s time to shower and slip into something easy comfortable but still stylish.


Marcela outfit for those lovely summerdays and evenings to just go out and find a place to eat. Stroll over the boulevard or around the hotel! Just very sexy. Very nice options for colors and if you look at Jasmine you can see the back is all free. Maybe for that lovely back tattoo?

After dinner we ofcourse go out! Dress up time. Get into that lovely gown and show how sexy and beautiful you are. This Anastacia gown is that and a lot more!


Sexy lace at the front and the back is to die for.. Sexy chain and a gemstone teardrop hanging at your back. So you don’t want your hair to cover that up. All eyes at the party will be at you. By the way this dress can be easily used for a wedding, bridesmaid gown. Just an idea for people that have wedding bells sounding.

On vacation you don’t just hang out at the beach and party. Time for sightseeing as well. Mind you though you need to be a member of the group to be able to get this awesome 50L Friday item. So make sure to join group while you are at the store.


A bodysuit called   light my fire bodysuit beautiful texture on it. Lovely to go ride your bike and enjoy the view on top. Or just look sexy as hell!!

Ofcourse not all days are spent at the beach or at lovely sights. Sometimes you just go shopping at the market or something like that. Well for those days. You get in your favorite shorts and tank top.


Island Love Summer outfit is perfect for this. Just enjoying a normal hot summer day. Relax have fun. The tank tops are amazing lot’s of different textures to choose from and the edges you can color differently. Shorts also many different colors. So don’t hesitate go to PiZazz couture before it’s too late!

Enjoy your summer till next week!



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Older sexy outfits!

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Hello everybody!

Yes sometimes it’s just that time to show off some older releases. This week is one of them. So we are going to review some of those. Let’s get the party started!


Oh my! Giggles. Yes some nice lingerie for those surprising nights. Jasmine is wearing Aleisha Lingerie. It is an applier and comes with a color hud. Very lovely to surprise your loved one with it. Then I myself am wearing Olivia Plunge Front Mini. A lovely mini dress that has 43 different textures!


Let’s zoom in some.


There we go. Jasmine again in a very sexy applier lingerie. Anabella Lingerie appliers. Well with that I don’t think she will have a hard time to find herself a sugardaddy/mommy. She’s taken though! If you were thinking about it. My safeword is harder!! in this combination of Nettie leather Halter and the Marika Leather skirt. Lot’s of several skirts and tops you can mix and match from PiZazz Couture. Giving you just that look what you are looking for.

I myself like to go gothic at times. Looking in the store you don’t find it at first sight but because there are a lot of textures offered and colors you can turn a lovely gown into a gothic look! Let me show you an example!


This is the Adora Formal gown. With 15 color options and the lacey look you can put on the sides or the middle or none at all! I can go all fancy to a wedding or a ball, or in this case play with my crows!

Thank you for reviewing some older releases with me. I hope you enjoyed. Make sure to check out the store! PiZazz Couture is also available on Marketplace.



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Happy Canada day/ 4th of July!

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Yes it has been an eventfull week at PiZazz Couture. Many new releases and ofcourse not forgotten the Holidays.

But before going to dive into the holidays. A very sexy latex dress has been released. It’s not the kind that glues all the way to your body. Let’s have a look!


A very sexy dress, awesome for a latex party, or any party for that matter. It’s called: Insane Latex Dress. The sexy Jasmine is wearing the Simone Harness outfit with boots. As you can see just not for a party ;). The harness outfit is not a new release but not less awesome!

But that is not all out came Allotta Lace bodysuit. Which I think is an awesome mixture of the last weeks Flora Lace suit and the Shantelle Lace Romper. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself.


With the lovely ruffled sleeves in a nice bodysuit. It comes with a hud with endless color possibilities. It just screams sexy!

So you are probably wondering why I named this post happy 4th of july? Well we arrived at the new releases for that party to come. Probably many clubs will celebrate 4th of July with a contest. If you wish to stand out in that or just like to dress up for it with your family PiZazz Couture came out with a lovely retro dress.


Her name is Betsy Patriotic outfit and comes with the lovely matching shoes.

But there is more to celebrate 4th of July this year. Pizazzunwrap

Myself I am wearing the Unwrap me costume and it comes with the flag headband and the boots! A very sexy way to have a party. Just make sure nobody pulls on the bow. That’s maybe more for the after party.  Jasmine who can not get enough of butteflies is looking sexy in the Becoming outfit. It has more meaning behind it with the butterflies that come out of the cocoon. You can read about those thoughts in the link I put down. Even without that background it’s an amazing look!

What is a PiZazz Couture week without the 50 Linden Friday? This weeks is all about the 4th of July and Canada Day. Yes Canada you have not been forgotten!


Happy Canada Day top and the Happy 4th top  are this weeks 50 L$ Friday releases.

I hope everyone will have a great week and I will see you next week again. Don’t forget to stop by and grab some of these sexy releases!

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Are you ready for the Summer?

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Well we all know after the holidays you have to start dieting again. Cause you want to fit into your lovely bikini. Hit the gym and start sweating and working out. PiZazz Couture has just the perfect outfit for you for that!


With Deidra Sporty outfit, you will get in shape in a fashionable way!

Once in shape why not walk over the boulevard or search the beaches in a sexy lace. Not only one but two outfits are perfect for that! Flora Lace suit and let’s not forget Shantelle Lace Romper, they will make sure heads will be turned when you walk by.


Had enough of the exercise and walking around? Let’s cool off at the beach shall we? Dive into the water with this sexy bikini. It comes with a lot of beautiful textures to choose from and if you just have to get an ice cream or a drink from the bar, you can throw a netting cover over it. A little bit more coverage but still showing off the Darla bikini.


After a lovely day like that it’s time to party! The L$ 50 Friday dress Lily is Really nice for that. Hold together by chains. Hit the club is what I would say!


And ofcourse not only the girls get goodies. Two new items were released as well for you men! 35375245401_f51d688931_o

Hank T-shirt with 30 textures and nicely tucked in. Show off your trained body with this shirt. Why cover it up with a loose shirt?


And for the L$50 Linden Friday there are these awesome shorts! Ready for the sun! with the Live Free Shorts. The comfort of jeans but then when the sun shines! Come check it out. Link for the mainstore and marketplace down below.

That’s it from me for this week, I hope to see you all again next week with the newest releases! Also don’t forget to check out the sales every week.




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